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IBL Viewer is a Windows tool to view different kinds of logos like Improbox, Quicktimer and Blueline logos. It can also convert logos to BMP format and vice versa.

  • Preview for IBL/QTL/BLL files including transparency
  • Preview for BMP files without transparency
  • Conversion BMP->IBL/QTL and IBL/QTL->BMP
  • Viewer can be associated with IBL/QTL files for a preview by double click
  • Quick preview with Parameter /s
  • support for 32 bit logos (*.qtl32, *.ibl32)

TAPs with a filsize equal to a multiple of 512 bytes crash the toppy due to a firmware bug.

This windows command line tool, checks for TAP files in a directory.
If it finds TAPs with a filesize equal to a multiple of 512 bytes it will do a sound.
Optionally it appends a #0 character to fix the TAP.

Converts search entries from Jag's EPG into search entries of 3PG.
When you run the program it will convert a Jags_EPG.Search.ini in the same directory
as the program into a 3PG.txt.