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What is it

The TMS always saves the last Timeshift recording. When switching channels, the previous timeshift recording is lost. This TAPs saves these recordings and keeps them for a number of hours, specified by the user, before they are deleted. The recording can automatically be renamed with the show's name and/or channel name. Default is to keep recordings 36 hours and to rename with channel and show name. Saved recordings will be found in folder TimeShift/Save.

How to use

  • Simply put it into AutoStart
  • If you want to change the default settings, edit TimeShiftSaver.ini and copy it over (see below)
  • The TAP can be terminated with TMSCommander, or with the toppy's file list.

Configuration File

The configuration file TimeShiftSaver.ini will be found in /ProgramFiles, /ProgramFiles/Settings or /ProgramFiles/Settings/TimeShiftSaver.



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